Thursday, January 3, 2013

Blogiversary & New Year

Wow, time sure does fly. It's my two-year blog-iversary (well, yesterday) and crazily enough, it's already 2013. My first thought when I saw the date today was to panic just a bit. Probably because everything that seemed so far away, suddenly seem to be right around the corner. I mean, we start childbirth classes THIS WEEKEND. What?! How did this happen? How am I 30 weeks along?

But the truth is that I couldn't be happier that 2013 is here. I was a little bittersweet about 2012 ending, only because I feel like it was a really, really wonderful year for us. I mean, we gained a new sister-in-law, were blessed with the sweetest little nephew and of course we have a baby on the way. What else? Well, I finished re-doing our master bedroom, threw an awesome baby shower for my sis, went on a really fun vacay and lots more... but for the past 6 months, it's really been all about baby.

But, let's get to it - the top posts of 2012
5. Pregnancy: Week 14-17 in Review
4. Announcing Baby Benson
3. Baby B Gender & Name Reveal
2. Baby Shower Inspiration
1. Master Bedroom Re-Do: the For Now Finale

I haven't committed to many major New Years Resolutions, just two:
1. Enjoy the last couple of months of being a family of two. That means sleep in (when the baby isn't practicing high kicks as he sometimes likes to do at 7:45 a.m. on weekends), enjoy long, quiet dinners with my hubby and anything else that may not be so easy once baby arrives.
2. Chill the eff out. Let's face it - having a baby is a little stressful. Is the baby doing OK? Am I gaining weight too quickly? How will I get the nursery finished in time? And this doesn't even scratch the surface of the stress that will come once he arrives. So, I think just chilling out a bit will do a lot of good for me, baby and everyone else.

Hope your New Year brings you everything you wish for. Happy 2013!

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