Monday, January 21, 2013

Living Room Refreshed

So, I think when I decided I wanted to do some slight tweaking to our living room, I didn't realize how much time and energy the nursery and... you know, GROWING A HUMAN BEING would take. So, while I've only made some small changes, I'm still very pleased. And now that this is done, all energy will be put into finishing the nursery (updates to come!) and taking it easy.

So, in my original post, I outlined 4 steps. The first being:
1. Get New Area Rug to Help Pull the Room Together -- Done
2. Replace Ugly Art Canvas
3. New Couch Throw Pillows -- Done
4. Accessorize

I was able to knock out #2 and sort of #4. I think I told you previously that I bought the wall art on a random shopping trip; I only kind of liked it, Greg hated it, but we had a space on the wall to fill. Now I'm happy to tell you it's been replaced; never to return again! 

What did we replace with? Well, when we got the dresser that we turned into the baby's changing table, it actually came with this gorgeous mirror. When we went to pick up the dresser, the antique store owner was like, "Oh do you want the accompanying mirror?" I knew we wouldn't use it for the nursery, but it was free so we took it!

The hubby and I decided to spray paint the mirror a really pretty oil-rubbed bronze color and luckily it fit perfectly.

Step #4 was tweaked a bit when I got to thinking that I would have a baby crawling around in less than a year's time, so I picked up a couple of new items to accessorize, but decided to otherwise leave things more bare.

Here's the final product!

I'm happy to say that I was able to knock these few updates out for less than $300, which includes a new area rug, 5 new throw pillows, a mirror (free!) and a few accessories like the gold tray on the coffee table. 

I'm not going to say I'm done with house updates as I feel like a home is never finished, but my priorities are shifting and I've been putting so much effort into our little home simply so I could sit back and enjoy the baby once he arrives.

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