Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Auntie Edition: Eli's Here!

Well, if you didn't see on Facebook or hear me shouting from the rooftop of the hospital, my sister finally had her baby and now I'm an aunt!

Here are the deets:

Eli Christopher
8 lb 3 oz
Born 7/9/12 at 8:46 p.m.
Mom, Dad and Eli are all doing really well

I don't have any pics of the new mommy yet, but here are just a few that I've taken.

Just a few minutes after his arrival. Looking at daddy :-)

Probably my favorite picture of Chris & Eli
Ok, actually this might be my fave. :-)

My first time holding this little one.

Did you know they have entire social networks devoted to aunts? Crazy. Well, while I can promise that I won't be joining SavvyAuntie.com, one thing I probably can't promise is that I'm not going to be the crazy aunt who obsessively posts pictures of their nephew. Love!

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  1. I think you SHOULD be the crazy aunt who obsessively posts pics of your nephew! Congrats!!!!