Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Maternity Pictures

Is it just me or are some maternity pics cuh-reepy?! I think baby bellies are the sweetest thing, but there's something kind of weird about doing bare-belly (or worse!) maternity photos. (Trust me, the baby bump is way cuter covered up... ;-)

Case in point...

So, when we decided we wanted to do maternity pictures, I knew we wanted just a few fun, non-creepy, non-belly-baring photos. Just something to capture the excitement we feel waiting for our little one to get here.  :-)

You may or may not have already seen the sneak peek of them on Facebook, but wanted to share a little more from our maternity photo session that we did this past weekend at White Rock Lake in Dallas.

My longtime pal, who has a photography business on the side, did the shoot for us and we couldn't be happier with them! If you live in the DFW area and are looking for a really great photographer for maternity, family, kids, engagement, etc., Lori Wilson Photography ( // is amazing and I'd highly recommend her.

Here are a few of our favorites that she sent me a few nights ago (we'll receive the finals in the coming weeks, but just couldn't wait to share!)

65 days and counting...


  1. Your pictures are just PERFECT! That first picture you shared, however, will probably give me nightmares!!

    xoxo, Emily

  2. Thank you, sweet friends! And yes Emily, I urge you to NOT Google "creepy maternity pictures..." It gets much worse! :-)