Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Master Bedroom Re-Do: The For-Now Finale

OK, this has dragged on for long enough. Trust me: longer for me than for you. I've had so many distractions in the last 2-3 months that I had to put the last bit of our master bedroom re-do on hold. Well, we've added in a few finishing touches and am officially sticking a fork in it - for now. We added some wall art, including a framed monogram above our bed and some shelves. (We're not sure how we feel about the frame, so may potentially paint it.)

The room isn't staged, it's not perfect, but I'm not a home decorator. This is where we live, so imperfection is totally OK with me. :-)

I  love the idea of a framed monogram over the bed as a simple way to personalize the decor.

We'd still like to eventually add a trunk or ottoman at the end of the bed as well as hang a floor length mirror, but like I said, we're done for now.

Here's the full run-down of the room:

Furniture: Weir's
Headboard - JCPenny.com
Comforter - Target
Coverlet - Target (scored this on clearance!)
Sheets - West Elm
Throw Pillows - Etsy
Rug - West Elm
Lamps - West Elm
Navy Quatrefoil Wall Art - DIY
Bedside table trays - DIY!
Shelves - Bed, Bath & Beyond (in store only)
Frame - Hobby Lobby
Monogram - Etsy

As I do in pretty much all things in life, I tried to mix inexpensive items (like the on-clearance bed coverlet and on-sale comforter) with more quality items that will last us a long time (such as the lamps, rug and new bedroom furniture - all of which I scored for 20% off). And just to be sure this had my name written all over it, I had to throw in a few DIY items.

Have I shown you how the room looked with the previous owners? Here she is:
Please note God Awful baby blue paint. It still sends a shiver down my spine.

Quite a change, I would say...

Of course, I'm all ready to jump to the next room, but this time I'm not committing to too much; just a simple "refresh" of our living room this fall. More to come on that later.

Hope everyone has a great 4th!