Monday, February 6, 2012

Home Goals

Wow, I can't believe it's already February. I suppose I'm a little late on this one, but I've decided to make home goals this year. So, outside of my new years personal goals, there are some things I want to get done this year with the house. And between you and me, I'm afraid if I don't write these down, I probably will forget. I have crazy to-do lists at work and it's starting to spill over into my personal life.

So, here goes:
Finish Master Bedroom
Honestly, the only things left to check off are get throw pillows for the bed and decorate a bit with wall art and around the room. This should be "complete" by early to mid-April, when the final pieces come in - our bedside table lamps that I'm patiently waiting for (back ordered)! Pics to come soon...

Fill in the Gaps
I've worked on a number of rooms in my house (Master Bathroom, Guest Bedroom #1, Master Bedroom) and quite frankly, none of them are really totally furnished. But the truth is we came from a one bedroom apartment to a three bedroom + office home, so it takes time to fill. I'd like to go back through a few of the rooms and finish them out a little more.

Things like a cute bedside table and lamp as well as some more wall art for the guest bedroom. Also, adding some cute, but functional organization to our master bathroom.

Master Bathroom Re-paint
Our master bathroom was really the first room we tackled in our new home. We had this wonderful vision for this great, fresh, light mint green color for the wall paint, which we hoped would be toned down by the dark tile we had installed and all the dark furniture, mirrors, wall art we put in. But to this day, the hubby still hates it. The "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle: Part Two - Secret of the Ooze" wall color has to go. And if Greg has anything to say about it, it'll be done sooner rather than later.

Furniture Re-do
I've been thinking about tackling a "furniture re-do" for quite some time. But I've been pretty afraid. I don't want to ruin anything or waste my time on something that looks terrible. But I'm gaining my confidence and have just the item to re-do. More on that later...

I'm not sure if it's reasonable that these will all happen, but I've got to start somewhere. Has anyone else set any lofty home goals?

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