Wednesday, February 22, 2012


I had Monday off for President's Day. These are dangerous holidays for me. What makes them so dangerous? First, the hubby doesn't have the day off, all stores are open and I have nothing to do. So what do I do? I spend money. Thank goodness I go to work every day, I'm not sure I could afford myself.

So, an innocent trip to Target (don't they all start out that way?) for new running leggings and a couple of gift cards suddenly went a little out of control. Why? Target has really upped their game this spring. Check out a few of my finds (Editor's note to my husband: I didn't actually *buy* these, but let's just say some of these are on my "want list.")

How fantastic is this side table? It's called the Hexagonal Accent Table - it would work great as a side table or even a small nightstand. Love the door that opens in case you'd like to display anything and I love the $79 price tag!

I was walking down a main aisle and total did a rubber-necking double-take when I spotted this yellow lamp. Then, I spotted the matching lamp shade and had to go give it a hug take a closer look. Of course, I automatically pictured it in my guest bedroom (I'm actually working on the nightstand for that room, so it's really good timing!) It's a little larger than I had pictured and while $60 isn't too bad, I'm trying to focus on finishing up our master bedroom re-do, so I gave it a kiss and said goodbye.

Another option

And finally, I spotted this adorable, red, greek key-esque picture frame on a clearance end cap that immediately made me think of my pal, Emily. Emily, if you're reading this - you totally need this frame (I saw it on clearance for $7!)

And this was only the home decor stuff - they have some adorable spring dresses and bathing suit cover-ups right now.

Uh. Love Target. Love it. I also feel that my hubby is very fortunate that he has a wife that lusts after $79 side tables and Target dresses. It could be worse. :-)

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  1. Oh my gosh I DO need that frame (or 6 of them...) Thanks for thinking of me. I may or may not make a lunch hour trip to Target bc of this post :)