Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Master Bedroom Part IV: Piecing it Together

It's HERE, it's HERE! It's finally here! After talking about it FAR longer than I ever intended to, a big piece of our bedroom re-do has arrived. Yes, we finally put on our grown-up panties and got bedroom furniture. I ordered this lovely headboard (I really do love it) several months ago and have been putting off getting the rest for some time. But over the holidays, Greg and I set out to choose furniture. The old stuff? We Craigs-listed a couple of pieces, but more to come on that later!

After salesperson-dodging at several stores, we finally found the perfect set at Weir's in Plano. And lucky us, we just happened to run in on the day of their annual sale. (Um, holler.)

And little did I know the store actually has an outlet store upstairs. I'm pretty sure I blacked out from excitement when I was up there. I just remember the hubby saying, "OK, I think you've had enough for one day. Let's go..." as he pulled me from this glorious place.

And I came across this little number that I'm quite sure needs to live in my guest bedroom. Even though it was on sale, there are just so many other things I'd like to spend $700 on so we moved on.
(forgot to snap a pic of it in-store, but it looked just like this!)

So, here's one shot of the room with our new espresso, traditional furniture.

Also, after obsessing about it for months now and a couple of failed shopping attempts, the hubby sent me off to go buy these gorgeous West Elm lamps I've been wanting for months now.
(the silver one)

The problem? They are back-ordered until April. So my goal of having the bedroom re-do complete by the end of busy season, probably not all that doable.

The next step is new bedding (which I'm hoping to tackle this weekend), wall decor and accessories.

Baby steps...

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