Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Wizarding World

I have a new love in my life. Have I told you yet? It's OK, Greg knows all about him. His name is Harry. Or as some might call him 'Arry Pottuh.

So, I'm about 9 years late. I get it. There are those people who wonder why I'm a 26-year-old just now reading Harry Potter and those that are jealous that I'm getting to experience it for the first time. (My hubby falls in the latter category.) Before last summer, I had never read the books or even seen the movies.

Here are a few observations I've gathered along my Harry Potter journey:
1. I should have read this series at a much younger age. I keep reading about these awkward moments between Ron and Hermione and I really want them to start making out. Can we take this PG-13? Um, I know that's highly inappropriate - this is a children's book. I know what you're all silently judging me. I accept it.

2. I love Dumbledore. I think of him like a grandpa. He's so sweet, he literally makes me want to cry.

3. I could create a whole board on Pinterest devoted to Harry Potter quotes and whatnot.

4. Don't ask me to compare them to other series I've loved (Twilight, Hunger Games, etc.). I just can't. They're like my children - I love them all differently. Twilight is like my sexually promiscuous daughter, Hunger Games is like my headstrong, determined-to-a-fault daughter and Harry Potter is like my nerdy son. But they're all so wonderful and I love them in their own way.

5. I am constantly trying to find a way to tell a "muggles" joke, but have yet to find the opportunity. Just wait, though. It's going to be really good.

I'm about 80% through book 5 and can't wait to see what else is in store, although I kind of don't want it to end.

Any other grown-up Harry Potter fans?


  1. It's on my 'need to read' list and has been for a while. I'm glad to know I'm not the only one who is just now getting around to reading them!

  2. Emily, I think you'd love it! I actually found all the hardback books at Half-Price Book for $7-10 each. Totally worth owning. Let me know if you start the series!