Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Guest Bedroom: The Saga Continues (Part Deux)

Aaaand I'm back. I got a little lazy last night so decided to break this into two posts. Maybe I'm just trying to live this up a little longer because I don't think I'm going to be doing any more major home decorating for a while. The hubby and I had a come-to-jesus about really needing new bedroom furniture. And when I say "new," I mean furniture, period. We don't even have a headboard.

So walk with me as I reminisce about my last major update. For now.

I've also been working on the gallery wall - or as I call it, my happy wall - for that room. The idea is featuring photos that make us happy, smile and in some cases, laugh out loud. So, as the spotlight, I found this adorable typography sign from Etsy.

Then I picked out some photos - this was quite a process as there was a lot of content to work with, but then I worried about making sure all our great friends were included. (Disclaimer) That didn't happen, but I'm thinking about doing a gallery wall in our master bedroom (when I finally get to it!), so will definitely use the photos that I didn't use for this wall. That one will include family shots.

I basically copied took some advice from Young House Love in starting the gallery wall. I bought all my frames from IKEA, which cost about $50 total for 8 5X7 frames and 1 8X10 frame. Um, score. Then, I edited and printed the photos and placed them in the frames. (Funny how I put that into one simple sentence although this process took me forever...) I cut out paper the size of the frames and taped them to the wall so I could decide on a design before blindly hammering (which I'm pretty sure is never a good idea) - another YHL tip.



So, there's my wall of happy. :-) I might actually add in a few more frames as it looks a little sparse, but I'm pretty pleased.

Pleased because I get to walk in and laugh out loud at this photo everyday:

Get weepy (in a good way) reminiscing over this photo:

Or get inspired to be a little more fratty over this gem:

I think everyone needs a happy wall. And I think I need to do one in every room.

The End.


  1. You crafty bitch! Super cute! Also, I will be in the Dfw area next weekend, so clear your schedule. Maybe this time I can finally see your crib!

  2. Cara, Yay! I should be around. Consider it cleared!

  3. Looks great!! I am definitely going to start calling my gallery wall the happy wall as well!

  4. Thanks, Emily! That last photo was actually taken at your wedding... :-)

  5. Super cute! I'm totally stealing this idea from you and using it in my guest room! :)