Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Home Decorating Update: Master Bathroom

I've been talking on and on about our bathroom project for a while now, but guess what? It's finally done! (OK, it's like 99% done.) We have done a lot of work and made lots of improvements. We've had some high points (finishing the no-sew curtains) and some low points (realizing the paint color, in a certain light, really channels a "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Secret of the Ooze" hue). Once we realized the bright color, we began doing everything we could to add in dark shades to tone the ooze down.

Over the past few months, we:
1. Texturized and painted the walls.
1a. Had a meltdown about the paint color (This included lots of swearing, pacing back and forth, staring at the walls and more swearing).
1b. Decided we would not be re-painting, accepted the "ooze hue" and moved on.
2. Replaced the ugly gold lighting with new fixtures (uh, gold. We hate gold.).
3. Replaced the standard bathroom mirrors with matching framed mirrors (we scored them both for $110 total from Garden Ridge!)
4. Replaced all the bathroom hardware and electrical outlets with bronze fixtures

5. Made no-sew curtains and hung using tension rod
6. Added wall art and decor (including a modern candelabra from Pier One, a DIY vase of white hydrangeas and a magazine basket from HobLob)

7. Re-tiled floor (said goodbye to that nasty carpet!)

8. Bought and put together (or at least the hubby did) a bookcase that we're using to hold towels/decor (I still plan on adding more decor to this as well as baskets for the bottom shelf, so just imagine that's there... Also, I must note that we got this bookcase from Target - on sale - for $75! The online reviews were really good and I must say, it looks WAY more expensive/higher quality in person than it actually is!)

So, I'm still going to ask my stepdad to build me a vanity chair (he's really talented with woodworking!) and maybe add more decor, but overall, we're putting a fork in this one. We'd still love to re-do the shower and bathtub backsplash, but we're happy with the result and are ready to move on to another area of our home.

Next on our list is the "yellow-and-gray" guest bedroom and saving up for bedroom furniture. I'm already looking at paint samples for painting the guest bedroom! (As I say this, the hubby is probably huddling in a corner somewhere rocking back-and-forth, shaking his head, but he'll come around...)

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