Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Obligatory New Years Post

Hap-hap-happy New Years everyone! I hope everyone had a fun New Years. The hubby and I had the best New Years Eve ever. The past several years we've gone out to dinner, attended parties, done the whole "trying for 45 minutes to catch a cab in downtown Dallas fun", but this year, we decided (a long time ago, actually) that we would spend a low-key evening together at home. We made fun appetizers and grilled out. We watched the Soup clip-down (duh). Watched some Mad Men. And we drank. Oh yes, we drank. And. It. Was. Awesome.

I must say that although 2011 was a good year (it had its up and downs), I am beyond excited for 2012. There are some exciting things to look forward to this year - which I'll tell you all about later - but really the new year is a great time to get a fresh start.

I'm not much for making huge resolutions that no one ever sticks with longer than a month. Unfortunately for me, I've been making promises to my husband for the past three months about all my new resolutions.
The scene generally follows something like this:
G: Lauren, your clothes are all over the floor in the bedroom again. I thought you said you were going to start picking up?
L: Oh, babe, it's a new year's resolution. *Ahem* I'm going to do really great in 2012.

I read somewhere that if you put your resolutions out there, you're more likely to keep them up, so here's to keeping me accountable:
1. Pick up after myself (in particular, not leaving clothes on the bed or floor) *promise to Greg
2. Turns lights off in room when I leave (except when Greg is out of town. Then, I do what I want.) *promise to Greg
3. Run a 5K
4. Finish decorating master bedroom by the end of the hubby's busy season
5. Continue the Crafty Bitchiness

So, there are a few of mine. Notice there are no "Run at least 4 times/week" resolutions that I know I won't keep?

Anyone already blown any of their resolutions? I'm doing fantastic so far as of Day 4.

Happy New Year!

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