Thursday, February 9, 2012

Tea Time

I love tea. Cold sweet tea, hot green tea, flavored tea, you name it. Tell me you love a McAlister's tea and we'll probably be instant friends. (Fun Fact: I worked at McAlister's Deli in college for a year and was even named Employee of the Month once. My name was on a plaque on the wall. Show some respect.)

In fact, a few weeks ago, a co-worker of mine was going on a soda run [read: walking to the break room], which is a pretty regular occurrence at my place of employment, and he pointed at me and asked if I needed anything. Then, he was like, "Oh yeah, I forgot you're a tea-drinker." Um, I am? Well, apparently so. And within the last month, my enjoyment of tea has gone a step further.

Enter Tub Tea. Yes, it's a larger-than-regular-size tea bag that you put in your bath tub. They generally are hand-made (I mean, I think?) with an assortment of flowers, herbs, minerals, etc.

I was introduced to this over Christmas when friends of mine, who own Beau Tye Boutique, gave me some as a gift. I decided one night last month to give one a whirl. I thought I would try the "muscle relief" tub tea after a particularly grueling 2.5 mile run. :-) I'm not sure if it was the herbs/minerals, I'm not sure if it was the wonderful, but not overwhelming smell of amazing, I'm not even sure if it was laced in crack. But. I. Liked. It.

It didn't even stain my bath tub, although it was a little odd to step into a tub of tea-colored water. I even considered grabbing a Sweet 'N Low and a straw from the kitchen and having a sip.

Um, I'm kidding. That's gross. Don't drink the tub tea!

If you're intrigued by the tub tea like I was, you can Google "tub tea" and see all different kinds from all different brands, but I order mine from Beau Tye* (you know, support local!).

*Of course, I wasn't paid or perked for writing about this product. (Do I even need to type this out loud?) I just like to share things I enjoy every now and then.

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