Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Crafty Bitch: Baby {Bow} Makin'

My crafting has really taken a back seat lately. Since busy season ended (well, kind of) for my hubby, I've been busier in the evenings and on weekends so haven't had the chance to do much. With all my Pinterest-ing, I've started quite the list of DIY-ing and seen tons of cute inspiration photos.

So when I started shopping for a baby gift for our dear friends who are having a baby girl, of course I had to DIY something! First, I googled how to make a baby flower headband and some crazy lady is trying to charge money for directions on how to make them. Seriously? I'll just figure it out myself, woman.

I took some inspiration from my DIY rosette pillow to make the headband. If you care how, read below. If not, scroll down for photos!

First, I made the rosettes (I made four). I included directions on how to make those here, but basically just cut a strip of fabric (1.5-2 inches wide), iron in half (hotdog, not hamburger - that's width, but length for all you smarties), then tie a knot at the very end. Start wrapping the material around the knot and glue down onto your interfacing (or if you're handy like me, a used dryer sheet). Use hot glue every little bit until the rosette is as big as you like. Cut interfacing off around the edges and there you have it.

Then, I decided how I wanted to arrange the rosettes and hot-glued them onto a piece of felt (to connect them all) and then took a smaller piece of felt to glue it on to the baby headband I found.

And because I've been SO inspired by such cute wrapping ideas lately, I thought I'd fancy up the wrapping! So fun!

Normally, I don't spend this much time or effort, but it's fun to do for such wonderful friends!

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  1. Avery will love her headband! Can't wait to put it on her!