Thursday, May 26, 2011

Painting With a Twist(er)

Over a year ago, me and some of my Dallas friends bought a Groupon to do this BYOB (say no more, count me in!) painting class. Well, it has LONG expired, but this week, me and a few of my pals finally went to the class, Painting With a Twist.

First, let's start at square one. Please excuse terrible quality photos taken from Blackberry.
The players:

The attempted painting:

The painting we were all set to paint (above) was really cute, super-romantic and totally my style.

And we were off! The teacher took us step-by-step on how to paint.

Turns out, ummmm, painting does take SOME talent.

There was much concentrating, evaluating and looking over my neighbor's shoulder to see what hers looked like, much like the stress experienced during the yellow-and-gray rosette pillow project.

It was all going fairly well until we had to take cover.

Let me back up quickly. What I failed to mention is that weather in DFW had been a little iffy all day. If you're in the Midwest at all, you know there have been tornado watches, tornado warnings, heavy thunderstorms, etc. Meteorologists had been throwing out terms like "strong rotation" and "golf-ball size hail."

My gut was saying no, it's not worth the risk of getting stuck 20 miles away, but the other side of me had been looking forward to it all day. So of course I went.

So, about an hour into the class it started raining. Then came the hail (eek, my poor car!). Finally, we actually went to take cover because there were tornadoes in the area (paintbrush and all). Scary.

After the class was over, I was rushing to get home and of course, got caught in the brunt of the storm and had to pull over, but eventually made it home. And look what I had to show my proud hubby!

He was impressed. Or at least he acted like he was.

And there you have it. Painting with a Twist(er). See what I did there? Clever.

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  1. Haha! Love the title. It was so fun! We are actually okay painters and I'm Glad you got home safe.