Sunday, June 5, 2011

Because if you Don't Have an iPhone...

We've been pretty anti-iPhone for the past few years. The idea of a touch keyboard seems quite daunting and to be honest, the Apple commercials are just really obnoxious.

Because, I mean, if you don't have an iPhone, you don't have an iPhone.

Could this be any more pretentious?

Well, the Bensons are finally moving up in the technological world. Only about 3-4 years late, but we finally both got iPhones this weekend. The hubby's is black and mine is white. While we're actually both really loving it so far, I'm quite sure we spent more money on the protection of the phone than the actual phone. With Apple Care plus a protective case (I swear, I was about this close to buying the crazy Otterbox case) plus the screen protector, I would say we are ready to go.

Oh dear Lord, I'm afraid we're going to be those parents with the tall gangly child, wearing head-to-toe protective padding, helmet, goggles. Poor little guy or girl doesn't stand a chance, do they?

I'm most excited about the higher-quality camera. I'm hoping this will ensure a clear shot while doing any neighbor-creeping or likewise.

Anyways, since we are iPhone newbies, anybody have any must-have app suggestions? You can keep your Apple car decal, though. :-)

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