Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Lauren and the Amazing Multi-Color Bedroom

I’m excited that we have finally started the process of re-doing our guest bedroom. I have to be honest, though; it’s really gotten off to a rocky start.

If you own a home or have ever undertaken a DIY project, it’s no secret that a run or two to Lowe’s or Home Depot is certainly in order. Or if you’re us, make that FIVE trips. That’s a five.

Since this is the third room in our home that we’ve painted ourselves, we felt like we pretty much had it under control by this point. We didn’t rush, leaving time to think about paint colors. We purchased samples and painted them on the wall and let it sit for about 48 hours so we could see what the color looked like in all different lights (natural daylight, overhead light at night, etc.). I would highly suggest this technique. (This was our problem with the TMNT Secret of the Ooze bathroom paint color.)

We both were on-board with the color selection and on Saturday morning, we got to it. (This was after two trips, once where we forgot the paint sample color, the second time after we’d run home for it. Woops, my bad.)

The room isn’t huge (like our master bedroom and bathroom projects were) so we thought one gallon of paint would be plenty. Mistake number one. We got through the first coat and realized, oh yes, we would definitely need an extra quart. So the hubby went to Lowe’s Sunday morning. No big deal.

Then, we quickly realize (lots of cussing involved) that we need another quart. Fine. So I run to the store to pick-up yet another quart. Except that when I got home and proceeded to paint it on, it looked like a different color. Like an entirely different shade of gray! I kept painting because the same paint color often looks different when it’s wet versus dry. We let it dry and realized (holy eff) that it is in fact two different shades. See?!

So Greg angrily (and rightly so!) stormed off to Lowe’s (making that trip number five) to have them fix the problem and replace the paint with the appropriate color. Luckily, it’s only messed up on two sides, but it’s pretty noticeable. (Note: Lowe's made it right.) So, it’s a little anti-climatic, but here’s the “good side” of the room and ultimately what it will look like.

Let me share our lessons learned. If you plan on doing two coats of paint in a room (and we always do!), buy at least two gallons of paint no matter the size. Overbuy on painter’s tape, rollers and edger pads. You’ll always need more than you think.

We’ll share pics when we finally finish painting and I can get some décor in the room. I’ve got quite an inspiration board going on Pinterest. But it’ll have to wait.

For now, I’m posted in San Antonio this week for work. Have a great week!

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