Sunday, May 22, 2011

Birthday, Birthday!

Well I’ve successfully completed the first quarter of a century of my life and am now embarking on my 26th year of life. I really thought 26 would feel much different than it does.

When I was in college, the idea of being 23 overwhelmed me. So. Old. Then, when I actually was 23, I began to think 26 was the new old. Age 25 felt cool; young, hip, but old enough to be responsible, but still… you know, with it. But now that I’m 26, I still feel young, energetic and I think I’m in better shape and have more energy now than I was 5 years ago!

Here are some things I didn’t expect:
• Still a crier – If you know me AT ALL, you know that while I’m pretty normal, I can be very sensitive to certain things. One minute I’m fine, the next minute I’m bawling because the Sarah Maclachlan “In the Arms of an Angel” ASPCA commercial is on (and I’m not even a pet person). Things that will generally make me cry include uncomfortable situations (included but not limited to the workplace), “inspiring” TV (this includes shows like Biggest Loser or ANY of the Oprah “Farewell” commercials), sentimental moments (hello wedding day!), things that are sad (there was recently a segment on TV about senior citizens having to resort to food banks and it was over for me), etc. I honestly thought I would grow out of this, but (*sigh*, ask my husband or even my previous boss) I haven’t.
• The Eff Word – I sort of love it. I definitely keep it in control (especially on my blog, online, in the workplace, etc.), but I have really grown to love the eff word. I wouldn’t say I’ve never been someone who swears a lot, but I’ve really grown to love this word (bad as it may be!). I thought when you became a grown-up, you stopped behavior like this, but no indeed. I intend to keep it as part of my vernacular until I have a baby and am forced to “clean it up.”
• Still scared of my shadow – When I was little, I used to be a bit of a scaredy cat. It probably didn’t help that my sister used to turn to me right before we went to sleep with a dead-serious face and tell me she was an alien. (You’re a terrible person for doing that, H). But moving past that, I really thought I would outgrow being scared. That hasn’t happened yet. I’m scared of staying the night alone. I’m scared of someone breaking in. If I’m locked up tighter than Fort Knox, I’m scared a ghost will come. I mean, really. You name it, I’m probably scared of it. I’m sure the next 25 years will toughen me up a little.

So cheers to the next phase of my life, which I hope will, no doubt, bring as much fun and adventure as the first part.

And here are some pictures from a really fun birthday/pledge class reunion weekend!

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