Wednesday, May 2, 2012

It's the Final Countdowwwwwn

Who else sang the headline to this blog post? Just me? Mmmmk.

Well, with everything happening right now (and trust me, there's a lot going on in the next month), there's really only one countdown I have going in my head. My birthday? Good guess, but no. (*cough*May20*cough) Our upcoming vacay to Key West? Eeeeeee! But no.

The only countdown that really matters to me right now is this one:

Summer Hours (clap, clap, clapclapclap)

I've poured my heart out talked about it before, but summer hours are my saving grace from late May to the end of August. I get to leave at noon every Friday during this time frame and IT. IS. GLORIOUS.

I generally spend my Summer Fridays poolside or every once in a while getting a mani-pedi, if it's been an especially long week. And that's my plan for at least the first half of the summer. The second half will most likely consist of Auntie Lauren & Baby Eli time (haven't actually talked to my sister about this, but I guess now it won't be a surprise to her when I start showing up on her doorstep every Friday afternoon). Don't worry, Heather, it's only through the end of August. ;-)

So, let's get to it: Summer Fridays starting in 23 days and counting!

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