Monday, May 28, 2012

Day Drinking Edition

The hubby and I had been looking forward to the Memorial Day weekend for weeks. Our spring has been so crazy busy that this was the first weekend that we had literally no plans. So, with the kick off of my summer Fridays and Greg having a 4-day weekend, we decided to start the weekend in style beginning on Friday at about 1:30 with a little day drinking. Throw in a pool and you've got me interested.

So the weekend before, my pal Whit introduced me to a delicious mixed drink that I want to share with all of you. Here's what you need:

  • Lime Cucumber Gatorade/Sports Drink
  • Vodka
  • Club Soda (optional)
  • Party Panties (required)
Mix 1 part vodka, 2 parts lime cucumber sports drink and a splash of club soda if you like. Or if you're making in bulk, two 32 oz bottles of Gatorade, nearly one full bottle of vodka (we used about 5/6 of a 750 ml bottle) and about 1 cup of club soda. It's not super-sweet, it's refreshing and it does a good job masking the vodka kick.

So, the hubby and I made a pitcher of this and brought it down to the pool, where we proceeded to drink the entire thing. The rest of the evening/night is still pretty fuzzy. Let's be honest, I can hardly remember taking this:
But I distinctly remember us spending a good 30 minutes trying to think of a name for this glorious drink. After about 1/2 the pitcher, we thought Li-Cu Dranky-Drank was perfect - and totally hilarious, right? (Let's face it, everything was  pretty hilarious at that exact point in time.) The next day, we decided it was a bit ghetto. Like calling grape soda "Purple Stuff." So, for now we're sticking with Vodka Lime Cucumber. Original, right?

But the best part of this drink (besides the fact that the hubby likes it as much as I do, which has pretty much never happened) is that the hangover isn't so bad. Maybe it's because you're getting electrolytes from the sports drink, maybe it's because it has a refreshing cucumber after-taste or maybe it's because I was really down to party on my first Summer Friday, but regardless - this is totally worth a try. It will likely make a triumphant return on our Key West trip.

Cheers and Happy Summer!

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