Sunday, January 8, 2012

Aunt Lauren and Kruncle G

As you may or may not know, we're going to be an aunt and uncle!!

I found out this amazing news at Thanksgiving when my older sister surprised us all and have been sitting on this lovely little secret for about six weeks now.

It went down like this:
We were all gathered in the living room of my Mom and Step-dad's house and she told us that she had printed off some photos for each of us (we had all been together a couple of months prior and she had taken some pics of the family); it wasn't really that odd for her to do. So, she each gave us a stack of photos... we were all casually flipping through them and the third picture was of this:
(She's a knitter - can you tell?!) P.S. I marked out her name for privacy reasons...

Of course, everyone was so excited, I got weepy... nothing too shocking there.
(me with the Momma-to-be)


So the same weekend we found out, the hubby was joking that he wants to have a cool uncle name and threw out Kruncle, which somehow morphed into Kruncle G ("Krunc" for short) - again, as a joke - but for some reason it just stuck.

So it goes without saying that we are so excited for July 2012, when this little blessing will enter our lives. And of course, Kruncle G and Aunt Lauren Can. Not. Wait. :-)

Side note: It hasn't happened yet, but I'm just waiting for the day when I meander pass the baby wing of the mall (ever notice how they lump all the adorable baby stores and boutiques together?), spot a sale at Baby Gap and black out, only to wake up an hour later with lots of bags and far less money. It's really only a matter of time...

And I came across these precious little Toms for babies that I think this child will have to have.

I mean, what are aunts for?!

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