Sunday, June 12, 2011

Pool Time

My favorite season is upon us. No, not that season. Pool season. While I don't think of myself as too much of a "sun whore," I do think almost everyone looks better with a little shade of tan on them. Lucky for me, my office does Summer Fridays so I get off around lunchtime every Friday during the summer (it's pretty fantastic) so I've made it a point to hit the pool every Friday. (The hubby's skin burns after about 20 minutes in the sun so he's not really a pool guy.)

During my pool Friday time, it occurred to me how much things have changed. A year ago, I would have been laying out by my pool in my old apartment. Back then, my biggest pool time trouble was running into the floating beer pong table or dodging the guy with the hairy back who always wanted to chit-chat. Uh, dude, I'm obviously WAY into this Real Simple magazine and you need to put on a shirt. Keep it movin'.

But it was a glorious view:

Fast-forward one year, I'm enjoying the neighborhood amenity center (read: pool) and I've learned quite a bit in my pool time. Turns out, the "color game" is still very popular (remember, one person holds the other and they guess a color, you miss it, you're dunked?). Also, children of a certain age (probably below the age of 6) LOVE to run and yell "CAAAAANONNNNBAAAAALLLL" but don't actually understand what that means. One of the top concerns of Moms at the pool is the iPhones being splashed. Lucky for me, mine is well protected. I heard a lot of comments like, "Don't splash that nice lady!" while their children proceeded to "Canonball" about four feet away. But, I think it's super-cute.

But my-oh-my, how the times have changed...

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