Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Feeling Rugged

Wait. Stop. I feel I have misled you. If you think this is a post about me attempting something outdoorsy, well you should really know better, shouldn't you? Oh no, make no mistake about it. This post is about rugs.

I love a good rug. I think it can make a whole room come together magically. So, I woke up on Monday morning of the long holiday thinking of rugs. I know. Sexy, right? The hubby was still sleeping so I fell into an online shopping vortex. The good news is that I'm back. The bad news is I'm feeling just mildly obsessed with getting a new rug for our living room.

We are literally putting the final touches on our Master Bedroom Re-do, so I'm already thinking of what mini-project to take on next. We're going to be replacing all the carpet in our house, so I say "mini-project" as that's what a large portion of our "house fund" is being spent on this summer. So, I believe a living room refresh is in order. More to come on that later, but in the meantime... RUGS.

So, RugsUSA was having a major sale. (It's recently downgraded from 60% off to 35% off, but whatevs.) I've researched and read the reviews - I get the impression their rugs are on the lower quality side, but would be perfect for a low-traffic area such as under a dining room table or in that guest bedroom that is visited once every other month.

1 / 2 / 3
It's no secret I love West Elm. And they have fantastic rugs as evidenced by the huge-ass rug in our master bedroom that is all kinds of orange and all kinds of awesome. Here are a few of my faves from there right now:

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I stumbled across this site - Shades of Light - during a pretty intense rug Googling session. I thought I'd heard of it before and then realized they actually advertise on one of my fave home decor blogs, Young House Love (holler for a 10% coupon code they offer!). They have some really amazing rugs. They aren't all that affordable, but they are sharp. 

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 I have a feeling this last one needs a home in my living room.

Any other places to look to find a great rug? What am I missing?!

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