Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Owning It

The title of the blog post totally made me think for a second that I was writing about one of the following things:
Women's Rights?

Girl Power?

Snapping your fingers in a Z-formation?

All really good guesses, but it's actually about my car - the Honda-Girl - as I so lovingly call her. Well, the Bensons had a momentous occasion this week: we finally paid off my car. When I we got the zero-balance bill from Honda Financial and I told the hubby the news when he got home that night, I'm pretty sure we ran slow-motion into each others arms and ended the embrace with some kind of high-five eff-ya number.

This was actually the first major purchase we made together - just one month after we got married. We were originally trying to pay it off in 4 years, but we got tired of it so started pumping money into and paid it off in 3 1/2 years. Yay for being responsible! Plus, I feel like I just got a pay raise.

Want to know something else about my car? It's magic. Yes, it's a magical car. So a few months ago, I ran out at lunch to a nearby shopping center and in my hurry to get back to work, I totally hit a car in the parking garage. Boo.

I knew I needed to get it fixed, but things were so busy that I thought I'd wait a few weeks. So, a couple of weeks later, I went out to get in my car and noticed - BAM - (as Emeril would say) the bumper had totally popped back into place! Still have a few scratches, but I can live with it for now.
Some might chalk it up to the warm weather, but I'm pretty sure it was magic. Surely, that will help with the resale value, right?!

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