Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Guest Post: Meet the Hubby

So, I often refer to my hubby within my blog, so after over a year, I thought you might be interested in his whole take on the whole blog. Enjoy my first guest blog post!
Well, it’s high time the “hubby” gets a chance to weigh in on this forum. I would consider myself somewhat of a consultant when it comes to Lauren Playing House or LPH as I like to call it. Lauren definitely comes up with 100% of the content, but as many of you know, this is an edgy blog, and sometimes it needs someone to pull back on the reigns. And the “rocking the suburbs” part of LPH’s newly redesigned tag line? That’s just a taste of some of my handiwork – h/t Ben Folds.

When Lauren first proposed the idea of starting LPH over a year ago, my first thought was, “Oh, that’s cute. Kind of like the time I was going to start fishing.” I got as far as making a trip to Bass Pro Shop and buying a book entitled, “The Complete Idiot’s Guide to Fishing Basics.” Two years later, I’m still waiting to pull the trigger on a middle-of-the-road rod and reel which I could do if I ever bothered to crack open the book I purchased.

The blog was something for her to do while I was stuck with working long hours, so kept my mouth shut and tried to be encouraging. As long as she made her blog posts about her life and didn’t make her life about her blog posts, I was excited to see what she could do.

Lauren has not disappointed. LPH has covered ALL of the important aspects of our lives from her discovery of Pinterest to the decoration of our master bedroom (which you can piece together in 27 conveniently separate posts). Not one stone was left unturned in her chronicles of the grey and yellow guest bedroom. And when it comes to crafting? She’s the craftiest you-know-what I know.

I’m actually not surprised at her ability to stick with the blog and continue to update it on a fairly consistent basis. Once she decides to do something, you can’t talk her out of it and you really can’t keep her from doing it. What did surprise me was the overwhelming response in terms of readers. She would never brag about this, but the number of hits she gets on her posts is stunning.

The moment I knew she was on to something was when my friends started coming up to me and saying things like, “Dude, I’m never gonna 'comment' on it or anything, but I really like Lauren’s blog,” or, “Bro, I don’t really read the home d├ęcor stuff, but the other random posts are pretty clever.” After a year of keeping 794 of her closest Facebook friends involved in what we’ve been up to, I’d have to say I agree with my friends.
For an accountant, he's a much better writer than I thought. :-) So, for anyone curious - that is "his take" on my blogging. You never know, maybe I'll be able to talk him into another post in a few months...

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