Thursday, March 22, 2012

Dressing the Part

As I mentioned before, it's definitely getting to be wedding season. At this point in our lives, we range from about 6-10 weddings per year. (This year, we're on the lower end at six weddings.) What can I say? Our friends are the marryin' kind! But then if you add bridal showers, bachelorette parties, baby showers and in some cases, rehearsal dinners - well, what's a girl to wear?

Each year, I will literally inventory my dresses, count how many events I think I have and plan out what I'll wear to each so as not to repeat the same dress with the same group of friends. (I surely can't be the only person that does this, right?!) As much as I'd love to, I can't buy 15 new dresses each year.

Well, regardless, I've inventoried the dress sitch, bought three new dresses and on the hunt for at least one more. I will almost never spend more than $100 on new dresses, so thought I would share my go-to's for new dresses.

And I'm just counting on the fact that we won't show up at the same event wearing the same thing. Hoping, anyway. :-) - Pretty affordable, mostly have cutesy dresses, but some really cool vintage-looking styles, too. Expect lots of color and pattern.

Dorothy Perkins - I have spotted some super-cute stuff here. I had my eye on a dress from here for a while (I almost pulled the trigger as the dress was $75 plus a 15% off coupon code.) Well, lucky me, I checked back and it was on sale for $27 (yes, that's two-seven). I'm not sure I've ever online-ordered anything faster! Expect classic shapes, with modern touches. - I actually have never ordered anything here, but have had my eye on a couple of styles for ages.Throw the right coupon code at me and I would be all over this shiz. Expect more conservative looks (i.e. I could wear to work), but cute patterns.

Local Boutiques - Don't overlook the local boutiques! Some of my Dallas faves include Movida, Ella Bleu and Accents.

Here's a few dresses I'm loving - none of which I have actually bought (so they are all fair game).

Summer Wedding/Bridal Shower

Evening Wedding

Bachelorette Party

If I were the bride-to-be
What other go-to's am I missing?

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