Sunday, March 11, 2012


Is time not FLYING? Geez, I feel like I was just saying, "Oh my gosh, how it February already?!" and now it's already March. I'm super-pumped about the new month, though. Here's why:

1. Wedding Season kicks off. I love wedding season. Who doesn't? I mean, I do have to put away a larger percentage of my salary to cover all the bridal shower/bachelorette/wedding gifts, traveling to weddings, etc. BUT I don't mind it. While our first wedding of the year is actually next month, the showers and fun start this month. So begins the season of random lunchtime trips to Pottery Barn and Bed Bath & Beyond. Well, I say bring it on.

2. Hunger Games Movie Premieres. Enough said. Wait, no. I take that back, not enough said. I've been looking forward to this movie ever since I read the first book back in 2009 (oh yes, I was a HG early-adopter). I've already got my movie ticket purchased and me and my pals are ready to squeal with the rest of the tweens who will - no doubt - be in the audience with us! #TeamPeeta

3. St Patty's - Best day of the year in Dallas? Maybe.
Excited for round 5!
4. That's a Wrap. I should finally (for the most part) wrap up my re-do of our master bedroom. I'll be putting some finishing touches on in the coming two weeks. It looks so great - can't wait to share!

5. Busy Season is O-vuh. (Yes, that's over.) Lucky me, my husband's busy season wrapped up early so I've been spending lots of time with him, which explains the lack of blogging. 

6. Almost there... And last, but certainly not least, March just means one step closer to... Summer Fridays (the most glorious time of the year.)

Is it just me or is this the best time of the year?!

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  1. SO looking forward to HG too! The tween and I are planning a special night out to see it.
    And I have to echo - tax season is almost over here (April 17th extension up in MA) :(