Sunday, December 4, 2011

Holiday Traditions

So, every family has their own traditions and when the hubby and I got married, I'm not sure that we necessarily MEANT to start traditions, but we have developed a few over the past few years. First, we don't buy each other Christmas gifts. At least not since we got married. Some people think it's rather odd, but the truth is, we don't really need anything. And we're always saving up for the next big purchase for our house (right now: it's bedroom furniture and decorating our bedroom!) Instead, we use the money we would spend on each other and adopt an Angel from the Salvation Army Angel Tree. Then, we go shopping together to buy gifts for our little angel.

We've actually started adopting our angel online and bringing the gifts in to the nearest mall with an Angel Tree. They make it super-easy! This year, we picked out a 10-year-old boy, who - bless his heart - appears to be a little overweight (according to his clothes size). So, we picked him out some clothes from (yet to arrive) and did some toy shopping at Target.

Here, the hubby closely examines the features between two Nerf guns.

(Side note: I just read an article that there are still 12,000 angels that need adopting in DFW, so if you're interested, you can learn more here. Or visit your local Salvation Army's website. Because it is TRULY more fulfilling to give than to receive during the holidays.)

Another tradition we have is that we always decorate our tree together. First, we listen to this Christmas CD that my old roommate gave me YEARS ago (thanks, Cara!) and then we turn on Elf while we finish the tree.

And speaking of decorating the tree, here she is!

I'm just glad to see she's still standing after this weekend. While we were watching Bedlam, Greg nearly toppled the thing over when OSU made its second turnover. Was it the 7+ beers and whiskey or pure Pokes pride? I'm afraid we'll never know.

I also finally knocked out another holiday craft (that makes two down, two to go). As much as I love a cute wreath, I actually don't even have a Christmas one! So when I came across this berry wreath, I had to try it. But let me tell you - if I had to do it again, um, I wouldn't. This craft was quite a little MFer. So. Much. Work.

I bought four little berry garland sprigs from HobLob. First, I cut all the berries off. (This was a two-night ordeal.) Then, I hot-glued them on this wooden letter "B" (also scored from HobLob). Two sentences, but it took me HOURS to get finish.

I actually finished it during the aforementioned Bedlam game this weekend (Way to Go Pokes!). Simply took some leftover burlap material and tied a bow and voila! (Total cost: about 12 bucks. But about 6-7 hours that I will never get back...)

Happy December!

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  1. So glad I could contribute to a benson holiday tradition! I may need you to shazzam the whole cd for me, I gave my copy away and that was the best Christmas mix I've ever made!