Sunday, December 18, 2011

A (Facebook) Walk Down Memory Lane

Has anyone checked out the new Facebook Timelines? Well, I strongly encourage it. It will likely be the best and most awkward down memory lane you'll have in a while. Promise.

I learned a few things along the way. Please, let me share.

1. Signing Off.
I joined Facebook in late 2004. Everyone in the sorority house was talking about The Facebook (yeah, remember "The" Facebook?). So, I reluctantly joined. No one exactly knew how they should be communicating. You'll see here my roomie at the time (shout-out Shoup!) and my Big in my sorority (yes it should be capitalized) wrote on my wall, but felt the need to sign their name at the end of the post. Kind of like the first time your Mom texts you and signs it "Love, Mom." You know what I'm talking about...

2. Couples communication
So, Greg and I have been dating since 2003. Oh yes, that's pre-Facebook days for us. As I mentioned before, no one quite knew HOW they should be communicating. Can we say obnoxious couple? The hubby and I had a little chat about this and a pretty long laugh while we racked our brains trying to remember if this was some kind of inside joke or if we were really that cheesy.

3. College was so fun
Sometimes I think I'd like to go back. Then, I get really tired.

4. Over-shar-ing (clap, clap, clap-clap-clap)
Did I really need TWO photo albums for Spring Break 2007? I mean, it was REALLY fun, but really?

5. Does Getting Married Take a Whole Year?
Apparently all I did in 2008 involved getting married. Engagement party, showers, bachelor party, wedding, honeymoon. How do I still have friends after that shiz?

6. 2009
Looked like SO. MUCH. FUN. I'm pretty sure it was. Thanks, Facebook, for reminding me!

7. Family-Book
2009 appears to be the year my family joined. And you thought all the terrible pictures of that bad perm (with bangs) were in your attic. Joke's on you! (Or in this case, on me.)

8. Attention Whores
Let me clarify: that's "Attention Whores" not "Attention, Whores." Ummmm, need attention much?? I would've hoped to have grasped how to appropriately use Facebook by 2009, but alas, I apparently had not. Drama queen. Geez.

So, I haven't published my timeline. I'll probably wait until I can get some privacy issues under control and how I want it, but go peruse yours. Take some time, delete photos/posts or just take a walk down memory lane. You'll be glad you did.

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  1. Ha ha you are far braver than I am! I am waaayyyy too scared to look at my timeline! Love it!