Monday, November 21, 2011

Fun With Burlap!

Nothing inspires me to get a project done more than knowing that I have people coming over to my house. So, the Hobby Lobby bag that's been sitting in the corner of my living room turned into this cute little number.

This little mini-project was inspired by this pin (as most things I make or buy are found on Pinterest. It's getting a little scary.). On Etsy, it was $24, so I pride myself in doing something for cheaper than I could buy it. Because otherwise, why DIY it?

So I got two yards or burlap and some white ribbon from HobLob (total $13). I started out by measuring my table length, then cutting the burlap (about 15 inches wide). Then, I used my favorite crafting tool ever - hem tape - to "sew" the hems of each side of the table runner and to attach the ribbon.

 Super easy - the whole process took me about an hour. It actually took me, like, an hour and a half but I was watching Biggest Loser and paused numerous times trying to decide whether I was going to cry or not. (It was a really good episode last week!)

I actually wish it was about 2 inches shorter, but it turned out really cute! Kind of shabby chic look, if you will. Here's the detail:

I'm also LOVING what Nate Berky did on his show while preparing a Thanksgiving tablescape. I have leftover burlap so might try this for my coffee table in the living room.

So, then I started Googling/Pinterest searching burlap and found so many adorable things I could do with my leftovers. From holiday gift-wrapping to weddings and more.

I think burlap is the new black. Who knew?!

Happy Monday!

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