Sunday, December 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Part Three: Progress

All I want for Christmas - oh do you mean besides the entire West Elm catalog? So despite the holidays, I've started trying to make some progress on our master bedroom re-do. When the bedding I've been wanting for months finally went on sale, I had to order. Unfortunately, I was less than pleased with the color. This is how it went down after opening the box of bedding that was delivered.

Me: Oh man... this is not the color I thought it was.
Hubby: What did you think it was?
Me: I thought it was darker; I want something almost navy. This is more... like a slate color.
Hubby: What was the colored called?
Me: (looking down at receipt in the box) Oh, it's called slate blue. Huh.

So, we went to take back the bedding to West Elm and while we were there, I asked the store manager about a rug that I had been lusting after. Here's the lovely (in orange):

But oddly enough, the orange color disappeared online. Panic-stricken Being afraid I missed my chance, I found a store manager. She said it was in their Spring line and wouldn't be coming back. Then, I got amazing news. It's on sale AND they had one left in the warehouse. Eeeeee!

Normally, the 8X10 is $479 (+ shipping + $25 delivery surcharge, if you order online), but I got it on sale for $329! It took some work to convince Greg that this was actually a FANTASTIC deal for a rug this size, but he liked it, too, so we took this baby home with us.

So, when I say "progress" in decorating our bedroom, I really just mean we bought a rug. But it's one big-ass rug. I found some new bedding (at Target) that I'm thinking about, but it's neutral colored; not the navy I was wanting. We're going to try to do furniture shopping when we get back from Kansas for Christmas. I mean, I basically have everything mapped out from the bed to the nightstands to the wall art. It's just that freakin' furniture... I equate furniture shopping to mattress shopping and car shopping. Pushy salespeople and a decision you'll have to live with for a very long time. But we'll get to it soon.

In the meantime, here are a few other items that caught my eye in store...
(The silver one)

Have a great week!

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