Thursday, December 1, 2011

Much Ado about Holiday Cards

Does anyone else get mildly stressed (read: panicky) over Christmas cards. Well, usually I don't. In fact, last year we didn't even send any. [gasp!] Well, we had sent out "We're Moving, Here's our New Address" cards in August, so I decided to skip out on holiday cards, too. (But at least people had our address!)

But that was nearly a year and half ago and I don't want to go falling off people's Christmas card list, ya heard, so I've started researching (i.e. Pinterest-ing and Etsy-ing) holiday cards. Here's the deal, though: nearly all the holiday cards I receive are of our sweet friends with their families (read: dogs and babies). Well, as you know, we have neither at the moment, so I started thinking what we could do besides just sending a generic Christmas card photo of us.
Well, I think I've got it.

One, we're not sending out Christmas cards, we're sending out Happy New Year cards. (I think I might be ahead of the trend here, just wait - these are going to catch on for all those "oh shit, it's mid-December and I need to send out cards" people.) And two, I'm thinking the card will involve alcohol in some way...
Will share soon!
And while we're talking about Christmas cards, I tackled craft #1 of #4 last night. I've been wanting a Christmas card holder for years now (ask the hubby, I whine about this every year) and when I ran across this on Pinterest, I thought, well, yes, I just have to make it.
It only involves 3 items: an embroidery hoop (found at the local craft store), clothespins and hot glue. It took me longer to find the embroidery hoop at the HobLob than it did to make this craft.

I think it will look much cuter once it's filled with cards!

And I picked up this adorbs ribbon that I found for 1/2 off while I was there.

Now, I'm just waiting on the hubby to get home from his business trip to see where we should hang it permanently.
OK, people. I'm equipped and ready for the Christmas cards! Let's see 'em.

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