Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Scared Straight

Does anyone remember in high school, when they would set up those fake car scenes around campus to scare you out of drinking and driving? You know what I'm talking about... they would have actors covered in fake blood with smashed alcohol bottles near them. Terrifying but you couldn't look away, right?

Or those TV shows that took delinquent teens into prison for a week to see what life is like the behind the bars? I think they called it "Scared Straight."

Well, I found a similar "Scared Straight" for babies.

So, let me back up. It seems as though overnight, my Facebook feed has turned into freakin' BabyCenter. I'm not complaining; I love babies. I adore them. I tear up at the sight of Ultrasound photos. This could be dangerous for a young, happily married lady like myself.

But like I said I am now (temporarily) scared straight. And this show is to blame:

Sweet. Jesus.

This ad alone is enough for me to lock my husband in the guest bedroom.

Other shows and movies seem to glamorize labor and delivery. I think it has something to do with the dramatic, but so sweet storyline that happens (a la The Father of the Bride Part II) or the music that plays right when the babies born that makes you want to bawl your eyes out (Hello, A Baby Story).

Well it turns out that music does not happen in real life, people. I watched this show, One Born Every Minute, the other night and I'm pretty sure I was hiding under my pillow behind the couch, under a blanket, crouched in fetal position rocking back and forth by the end. Apparently it's a little rougher than that... Turns out your body does all kinds of crazy shiz and I'm just not ready to experience that quite yet.

Not yet anyways.

While the show terrifies me, it doesn't seem to be quite as alarming as this upcoming TLC show...

I think I'd rather watch a live water birth than sit through this show. Aw-kward.

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