Tuesday, February 8, 2011

A Baby Story. No, Not Mine.

So, I have sort of a guilty pleasure. I absolutely *LOVE* watching TLC’s “A Baby Story.”

When I work from home, I always take a little break around noon-ish to eat lunch and watch this show. It basically follows a couple during pregnancy, throughout labor/delivery and right after. And during the delivery, they like… show stuff. Sick, right? What an amazing miracle, right? Well, it recently occurred to me that a good portion of the people they highlight opt for a “natural birth” or even worse, a *shivers* water birth. Every once in a while they’ll highlight an average couple that delivers in a hospital and with lots of drugs, but not too often.

I’ve never thought much of it, but during the recent Snowpocalypse in Dallas while I was working from home all week, it occurred to me that this is a very odd show for me to watch (being childless and all). I made this realization when my hubby, who was working from home, too, walked into the living room from the office and nearly passed out. I thought the TV screen had burned his eyeballs the way he grabbed his face and spun around and started making gagging noises. “No, no, no, nope, no, no…” was all he could muster to say. So you can see, we have some maturing to do.

For me, I think the show is a form of birth control. When I feel like I can deal with that kind of pain, then maybe I’ll be ready. Anyways, long story, short – these bitches are all kinds of crazy and when I have a baby, I’ll call the hospital in advance and have the epidural waiting for me. On ice. Geez.

Any other crazies out there watch/enjoy this show? Just me?

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