Thursday, October 6, 2011

Scary Stuff

How is it that it's already October? I have no idea. I swear it seems like yesterday was the snow storm, then starting a new job, the blissful beginning of pool season and suddenly the stores have Christmas decor out in the stores. Scary, right?

The only thing scarier than how fast time is flying is the fact a few neighbors have gone to trashy-town with their Halloween decorations. Greg and I were out of town last week and as we were pulling back into our neighborhood, I realized that suddenly there were Halloween decorations everywhere. Which is great! I think it's nice that they decorate, but a few select neighbors have gone too far.

It appears to be a theme I'm seeing over and over. Several neighbors have opted for the inflatable Halloween decor. (We saw the same thing at Christmas.) Maybe it's because I don't have kids, maybe it's because I don't go overboard decorating for holidays, but this is just not something we can get on board with.

Here are just some of the blow-up Halloween decor on our street.

Seriously?! You are trying to sell your house.

And the main issue is this - when it's not inflated (like during the evening or in the morning), it looks like this.

I know you're probably all thinking, OK, you took the time to creep on these innocent, holiday-loving neighbors via an iPhone camera while driving slowly by their houses (and the answer is yes, yes I did), but my point is this - if the homeowner's association is going to call us out not one, not two, but THREE times, for minor issues, yet they're fine with this trash? This should be a governance issue!

Maybe I'm just lame, maybe it's because I don't have children and get super in the Halloween spirit, but come on people. Clean it up. Come Christmastime, I'm going to be going after the inflatable Santas with scissors. Watch out! :-)


  1. I don't see what exactly is trashy about inflatable decorations? I think they're cute, even though they're tacky... but trashy? That's a bit harsh.

  2. It's not the inflation as much as the deflated look that I think looks bad. Give me a few years... I'll have kids begging me to get one and I'll be on the bandwagon. :-)

  3. Bahahah. The problem I have with inflatables it that they're just plain lazy. It reduces decorating to pulling something out of a box and plugging it in. I conducted an informal study (just now, in my head, at my desk) and concluded that there is a 97% likelihood that those who purchase inflatable decorations also purchased pre-lit Christmas trees,hand out those awful black and orange anti-candies at Halloween, and use acorns and taper-candles to decorate Kwanza cakes ( ) And trashy? Well, trashy is as trashy does, I suppose. If the lawn & garden section of your local Wal-Mart screams home-decor inspiration, then God bless. If Nate Berkus decides to come out with a line of inflatable decor then maybe I'll reconsider this whole topic, but that's about as likely as Martha Stewart selling a bedding line at K-Mart. Oh, wait....

    Hi L Benson! Miss you!

  4. Tyler, This is why we are friends. I miss you so much!

  5. Inflatable decorations are totally trashy! Sorry, Whitney.

    I vow NEVER to get them, even if I have children who beg for them...NEVER.