Sunday, September 11, 2011

Master Bedroom Part 1: Dreaming of a Re-do

I need some help in the bedroom. WHOA, let's back that truck up. [beep... beep... beep...] I need some DESIGN help in my master bedroom. It's the one room that I've been wanting to furnish since the day we moved in, but it somehow got ranked lower on the list than other items.
Yes, the hubby and I made a list of all the things we want to buy/projects we want to do to our home. Then, we both ranked them separately and took the "average rank" to determine what we would tackle first. Yes, this is what happens when you merge a chronic list-maker (me) and a very pragmatic accountant (hubby). But we couldn't buy everything all at once, so this system worked out well for us!
So, we knocked out a washer/dryer, fridge (the necessities!), new kitchen table, coffee/side tables for the LR, tackled the master bathroom, guest bedroom #2... [deep breath] and now we're finally getting to our beloved master bedroom. Where the - uh - magic happens (at least according to MTV's Cribs).
 The room has already been painted (tackled last fall) a very neutral caramel color with a dark chocolate accent wall. I've decided on (and am pretty freakin' excited) about the color scheme I've chosen (and the hubby has approved), but more on that later!
For now, we're trying to decide on bedroom furniture and WOWZA - it is really expensive! We keep telling ourselves that it's a good investment and will last 20 years, but that price tag I've been seeing is a little hard to swallow.
We also just haven't really fell in love with an entire set, until it occurred to me - why not mix and match? OK, not entirely, but I have fallen in LOVE with several West Elm bed/headboards. In particular, these little gems:

Here's a few bedroom furniture sets we like (minus the bed):
And to be honest, the headboards we like are cheaper than the beds from the furniture set.
So, give me your advice. Is it a bad idea to buy a bedroom set minus the headboard and get the headboard we really like? Will the fabric headboard go out of style soon? We're SO torn between the nailhead upholstered headboard and the scroll headboard. Someone with more style should gently shove me in the right direction...


  1. We bought our headboard separate from the dresser and couldn't be happier! And our headboard came from West Elm. P.S. I vote for the scroll headboard - love it!

  2. I love the idea of a fabric headboard. I say purchase the headboard you want and the dresser. It will all still look great. My mom has been buying dinning room chairs for her table, she love the look of different ones, as do I.

    We have given you the Versatile Blog Award, come on over to our blog to see what its all about!
    Heather & Rose

  3. Hi Lauren, I found your blog on Sew Stylish Boutique. I read a few of your posts, and HAD to follow immediately there after!

  4. Hey girl! Yes, yes yes yes buy the headboard seperately. The best and most lived-in rooms look 'collected' versus a bought all at once kind of thing. Have you seen this option?
    Definitely a more inexpensive option than West Elm. If you want help sourcing other items, please let me know! xo

  5. Thanks so much for the feedback! Emily, thanks for sharing that. I will DEFINITELY be checking into that. Always love a lower price tag. :-)

  6. I love the nailhead trim headboard! And I think it's totally cute when people don't have the whole matching bedroom suite! Shows you put some thought into it i think! Where are those bedroom suites from? I really like them!!