Monday, September 19, 2011


Hmmmm, it must be fall. I'm starting to see lots of blog posts and Pinterest pins of beautiful, aspirational fall photos. But I do love fall. There's a chill in the air, the boots and scarves have come out and fall TV is officially in full-swing. OK, really only one of those things is true in Texas. I'll let you guess which one.

Since the state of Texas generally doesn't get the memo about fall weather until, ohhhh late October, here are a few signs that tell me it's fall:

College Football.
Oh yes, Kirk Herbstreit and his frosted tips are now back in my house every Saturday morning (what's that? His frosted tips are gone this year!? Blasphemous!) via College Gameday.
And to transition my house for the football season, a wreath change was certainly in order, so I made another yarn wreath - this time in OK State colors (although it's working perfectly as Halloween-themed, as well). Here's a semi-thorough tutorial on how to make a yarn wreath + rosettes.

Fall Clothes
I'm one of those people that feels like a season isn't really even here until I've been shopping. No need for a full, new wardrobe, just a few new items. And at the top of my list was these cute little things, that I finally bought this weekend.
What would fall be without a good old fashioned headcold. Sniffle, sniffle. Cough, cough. So, I'm all hopped on vitamins, green tea and these Zinc cold therapy pills that are supposed to halt cold symptoms. Still waiting...

Fall TV
More to come on this, but quite possibly my favorite thing about the fall is the return of all my favorite shows. I'm one of those people that think of the characters on my TV show as my friends. Which is why I just screamed "MARSHALL & LILY ARE HAVING A BABY" eyes glistening with happy tears.

 So, overall I would say we're that we're fully embracing the "fall weather" with open arms. Happy Fall!

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