Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Three Year Anniversary!

Wow, three years ago today I was blessed enough to marry the most wonderful man in the world.

That would be this guy.

Jealous, ladies?

All I can say is that since we've been married, my life has been so full of joy and a lot of laughter. I can honestly say he makes me laugh every single day. And we all know how hilarious I am, so I'm sure the same is true for him. ;-)

This week has definitely gotten off to a rough start for me - my sweet grandfather (Poppy) passed away on Sunday night - so needless to say, this day is a little bittersweet. But it really is just a reminder of what an amazing husband and friend I have.

Each year (and generally more often than that!), I revisit one of my most treasured wedding gifts. It wasn't the TV or living room furniture or even our wedding itself, it's this little book made by one of my sweet friends, Lori.

It's an "Advice for the Bride-to-be" book. She collected words of advice from mine and Greg's family as well as our entire wedding party. Lots of funny memories, great quotes and really good advice, which I so cherish.

What an amazing way to keep things in perspective and re-visit advice from the people I love most in the world.

In fact, in the book, I came across this sweet message from my Grammy and Poppy, which I really cherish now more than ever. Amazing advice from a marriage that lasted 56 years. If that isn't inspiration, I really don't know what is.

Happy Anniversary to my sweet husband!

And if you could, please keep my family in your prayers this week.

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