Monday, September 5, 2011

Car Wars

So, we're car-hunting. Yes, Greg's old truck is going to be passing on soon and, let's face it, it's time for an upgrade. The poor old truck - it's suspension is so bad, when you're driving (or riding in it) even on the smoothest of roads, you're bouncing all over the place like you're in the Beverly Hillbillies truck.

So the debate began about what kind of vehicle he would drive. Greg wants to drive a car, (he's driven a truck basically since he turned 16 and he wants something with a trunk that is small). I think he should drive an SUV (so we would have one car and one SUV). At the top of our list to test drive was the GMC Acadia (my pick), the Ford Taurus - new body style (Greg's pick), the Jeep Grand Cherokee (new body style) and we cut it off there.
We decided to go test drive the Acadia and the Taurus just to get a feel for what they were like inside, how they drove, etc. 
And then shiz got weird. And I'll take about 90% of the blame. Sometimes, I feel the need the be friendly, chatty and inquisitive when in situations like this (driving around in a car with a stranger, for example), but for some reason it just came across as awkward.
Scene: We just got finished test-driving the Taurus. I could tell Greg was in lurve with it. We were taking a look at the bells and whistles and the sales guy suggested we check out the trunk. He opens it up and I blurt out,"Wow, that's huge!" (In my defense, it was surprisingly large.) "You could fit a lot of bodies in there!"  Um. What? What? Why did I say that? The sales guy not only didn't laugh, but awkwardly walked away. Greg looks at me and mouths "BODIES? Really?" Uh, yeah. So inappropriate.
Now I know the big question you all have and the answer is yes, ABSOLUTELY. I had to fight EVERY urge to jump in the back seat, poke my head in between the sales guy and Greg and say "How fast does this thing go? Does it have automatic transmission? Does it have four wheel drive?"
Yes, that Home Alone 1 reference just happened.
We're leaning two different ways; at this point, we're just going to think about it some more, possibly test drive a few different models and (knowing me) make a car/suv pros and cons list. But ultimately, I'm leaving it up to the hubby as this will be his car. More to come on the car-hunting adventures! I've promised the hubby I will leave awkward, innapropriate commentary at home this time.
Hope everyone had a great Labor Day Weekend!

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