Tuesday, August 30, 2011

MTV VMAs or Proof it's Time For Me to Grow Up

So, since I've finished my series of mini DIY craft projects, I've been feeling LAZY. Like don't-you-even-dare-ask-me-to-unload-the-dishwasher lazy. Like you're-out-of-black-dress-socks?-sounds-like-a-personal-problem-to-me kind of lazy. The hubby has been traveling so much for work; he was home for about 36 hours over the weekend and all I wanted to do was hang out and relax. Therefore we accomplished nothing. But after he left on Sunday, things got really exciting.

After I got home from dinner with a friend on Sunday night and since I was going-solo with the hubs on business, I was feeling quite bored. No great T.V. on Sundays (especially in this awkward, between-seasons time right now) until I came across this little walk-down-memory-lane from my teenage years.

I know I'm a little late on this recap of sorts, but here are some thoughts/takeaways coming from a 26-year-old watching the VMAs:
  • Lady Gaga, you are creepy as shiz. Don't you know Jim Carrey already did the alter-ego thing at the 1999 MTV Movie Awards? You should.
  • Is it just me or does Justin Beiber look like Elton John?
  • Announcer: "Coming up, the world premiere sneak peek of Hunger Games" Me: Eeeeeeee! Eeeeeee! (trailer consists of nothing but the main character running through a forest) Me: Oh. Huh.
  • Beyonce made the announcement she's preggers and I was squealing with excitement (like we're BFF and she's going to ask me to be the godmother). When I have a baby, if I could get a stage, a mike and some back-up dancers, I would love to reveal my pregnancy the same way she did.
  • If I was 14 (or didn't have a husband around to specifically forbid things like this), I would definitely have a poster of Bruno Mars in my closet. Swoon! (His hair is a little odd, but I'll let it go.)

  • Someone should have really told Lil Wayne that his performance had so many naughty words, about 80% of was muted. Also, his panties were showing. So there was basically a rapper on my TV running around in silence with visible panties. Not the way I had envisioned the show ending.

Bottom line: In more ways than I care to acknowledge, I am indeed a 14-year-old teeny bopper caught in a 26-year-old's body.

Did anyone else catch the show? Any key points I've missed?

Lucky for me, the hubs is back from his travels tomorrow night. Which means I will have someone to keep me company, as opposed to watching VMA re-runs.


  1. I knew roughly 3% of the bands nominated/performing; I felt about 100 years old...

  2. Agreed. I was thoroughly confused during the "Best New Artist" category!

  3. haha you're too funny! I hope Lil Wayne reads this b/c you were dead on in telling him his performance was muted and his panties were showing!