Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Crafting. With Wine.

I think I've hit my productivity and craftiness limit this month. I'm now going to go collapse in a pile until probably Halloween. But before I do... :-) I have just one more little crafty-craft project to share. No, it's not curtains again. I was thinking... I should probably never do another curtains post. I think you get it. I can make curtains. Get it over, Benson.

For this craft, I was once again inspired by my other lover, Pinterest. Here was what originally inspired me:

I was thinking I could make it as a centerpiece for... somewhere in my house.

So, what I needed was a pack of some kind of bottled drink. I chose wine, obviously. Stores are starting to sell little mini four-packs of wine, which is perfect for me because I generally only have 1-2 glasses and then the rest of the bottle goes bad. And you KNOW I don't waste that shiz (said while snapping my fingers in a Z-formation).

Craft project. Right.

So, I started out by drinking this little gal. Not all in one night and definitely not while trying to manhandle a spray paint can.

Then, I removed the labels from the mini wine bottles with this Goo Gone I found underneath the kitchen cabinet. Ummm, Greg? Goo Gone? Any idea where this little gem came from?

Then, I simply primed the bottles and and container with spray primer, then spray painted the bottles white and the case green.

A few thin coats, but the primer was really key. Add some cute flowers I picked up from the HobLob and that was really it. All is cost me was about $4 for the flowers (already had the spray paint/primer and I'm not counting the wine because that was for pleasure).

I even found the perfect place for it (on a side table in my living room where I post up watching terrible reality TV while I wait for my hubby to get home).

Happy Wednesday!