Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Neighbors, Sweet* Neighbors

I'm not sure if it's the heat we've been living with the past week or the fact that our sweet* neighbor ( no, not that neighbor)always feels the need to make passive-aggressive comments about - oh really everything related to our home.

"Looks like you've got some weeds in your yard." - Sweet Neighbor
(As he's sweating his rear off pulling weeds) "Yep." - Hubby
"Well if you need the name of a lawn company... I mean, MY LAWN doesn't have weeds..." - Sweet Neighbor

Thanks. Really.

"Well, YOU KNOW... the guy who did your fence was a drunk." - Sweet Neighbor
"Um, oh, really? Well that was before we moved in, but we think it's pretty nice." - Me
"Oh, I mean, I guess. But it's not made well. I mean, he smoked weed."
".... ... Really, are you sure about that?" - Me
"Oh yeah..." - Sweet Neighbor

Again, very helpful.

"So you're having issues with the A/C?" - Sweet Neighbor (after I'd mentioned our A/C problem)
"Yes, do you still have the same unit from when the house was built?" - Me
"Oh GAWD no. But yeah, your unit looks terrible. Loud, too." - Sweet Neighbor
"Oh sorry about that." - Me
"Well don't worry, I have a guy..." - Sweet Neighbor


It's for situations I've just narrated that explain why this photo just makes me smile.

Whatever, I'm a child. And yes, I sort of feel like a high school boy with a huge truck that's trying to overcompensate, but my house is cold (or getting there), energy efficient and I'm a happy girl!

*Not actually all THAT sweet


  1. Ok, give me the details on the new ac.....

  2. I'll call you! It's pretty awesome!