Tuesday, July 12, 2011

House Crashing

We interrupt this week of complaining to bring you this blog post.

So quick update - our A/C died yesterday. Like died. Fan not blowing, it's 93-degrees-in-our-house-died. No, I'm not exaggerating:

But for the past two nights we've been staying with my sister and brother-in-law (thank goodness!). So, while we're here, I thought I'd do a little house-crashing and share a few cool things I came across. (Side note: my sister is EXTREMELY crafty; like if I'm a crafty bitch, she's a crafty [word so naughty I can't even say].

First, in her guest bedroom, she framed a piece of really cool wrapping paper that they bought in Seattle. So simple, yet really adds something to the room.

She also took this little glass side table, spray-painted it and made a magazine rack. Ca-yute.

So clever - she took a pair of pantyhose (though I'm fairly certain she never actually wore these Granny-tights) and is using it to store her Christmas wrapping paper.

She painted (yes, she has far greater skills than I...) this canvas and framed it with a frame from HobLob.

Finally, this old lamp (originally gold) that's probably 30 years old was spray-painted turquoise. Great accent piece!

So, there's the Tour de My Sister's House. Really, really hoping to be back in my home tomorrow.

Happy Tuesday!

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