Thursday, July 14, 2011

Fort Benson

Reporting live from the effing surface of the sun. Kidding, we're actually in our house. The A/C was "fixed" yesterday, but then an hour after they left, it died again. So, they'll be back on Friday. In the meantime, let me introduce you to my new best fraaaaan.

Her name is Windy. She's an A/C window unit that my sister let me borrowed (left over from when she went through this nightmare a year ago). Let the record be known that I brought this baby girl from my car AND installed it in the window - alone. (Hubby was at work.) I was told it was a two-person job. I was like "unh-uh boyyyyy" (said while snapping fingers in a Z formation, of course).

Here's the old girl in action:

After the 15 minutes it took me to install, I was sweating. Like almost worse than when I tried that hot yoga class (except my house doesn't smell like the bottom of the ball pit at McDonald's, thank-you-very-much). But it's working pretty well and thank goodness because we've got another day until the unit will be "repaired" again.

After I got her up and going, pretty sure I was pacing around the room feelin' all like:

While my sis and bro-in-law have opened their doors to us until it's fixed for good, it's just been tough living out of a suitcase. SO, it's Fort Benson. In the evenings, we lounge in our bedroom with Windy, eat dinner picnic-style (with a little help from our pal, Digiorno), watch TV, whatever. It sort of feels like when you're little and you're living out a tent or fort you made. Except the fort is our bedroom. And we have to pay the bills. Not as fun, but almost.

Ah, so is life. Making the best out of the situation!

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