Thursday, June 23, 2011

Home Woes

I love owning a home. I love owning a home. I love owning a home. (Just keep telling myself that, right?) :-)

No, I actually adore our home, but she (yes, my house is female) is really testing our patience. So, we knew that we had an AC issue since about a month after we moved in. Well, we FINALLY got an expert out to the house to do a diagnostic. I met with him and whadyaknow, our AC unit is... (gulp) terminal. No, really. He kept equating our AC unit to someone why emphysema and using terms that you'd use for humans. So OF COURSE we need a brand new $10,000 top-o-the-line unit. (Side note: Really, Trane? Ten grand?)

So the sales guy was all...

And I'm all PPPPPPPSSSSSSSSSHHHHHHHHHHH. So I leveled with the guy and told him we would not be replacing a unit that still blows cold air; he came to his senses and we now have a plan to get more air into our "gasping" unit, which should equal a cooler house. (Yay!)

Then, ding dong. We had some uninvited guests in the form of winged, ant-like insects with bonus carpenter ants thrown in for good measure.

Here's my problem. When I see gross bugs (I mean, aren't they all?), I don't just see a harmless little insect, I see what I could only describe as the alien from Independence Day, waiting to shed its gooey outer layer and attack me.

Upon discovering these little critters (the flying ones), the hubby and I proceeded to run around with a fly swatter, flashlight and bug spray squealing in fear (me), cussing (him, ok both of us), whimpering (alright, that's me too) and delivering JUSTICE (that'd be him) for a good 30-40 minutes. It was like some kind of alien vs predator shiz happening. I know we'll look back on these days and laugh; I just haven't quite found the humor yet.

Then, I learned that apparently we need quarterly visits from the exterminator. Ummm, who knew?! (Note: Well, apparently everyone except us because after a quick poll in the office place, I learned that EVERYONE has these scheduled.) And I thought we were doing good to have quarterly lawn service? There should be a class you have to take before you can own a home.

But I must say (as I try to fine the silver lining in all of this), I'm VERY excited to be living in a cool, bug-free home very soon, although that bedroom furniture that we've been lusting after (hmm, awkward wording) is slipping farther and farther away.

But we're hanging tough!

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  1. As much as you love being a homeowner, you couldn’t help but be frustrated with these household woes. AC issues is probably one of the most awful, and it will truly test your patience. Well, I hope you got yours running again, and didn’t have to buy a brand new one. I say you were doing a great job in toughing it out. Stay positive!

    Jodi Bennett @ Marsh Heating