Thursday, April 14, 2011

It's Gettin' Hot in Herrrrre

I'm quoting Nelly's 2002 classic hit only to make light of a very NOT FUNNY situation in our house right now. Our air conditioner is broken. The unit is blowing air but it's warm air. The current temp in our house?

The hubby actually asked me why I hadn't blogged about our newest (not-so-fun) homeowner adventure and the truth is... I couldn't find anything funny about it. The purpose of this blog is not to complain (unless it involves our homeowner's association in my neighbhorhood because come on... they're redic) unless I can find something funny about the situation. Sitting on your couch watching TV and SWEATING is not my idea of fun.

Add on top of that (and this is where it's about to get pretty douchy), Greg and I have started P90X. So, not only are we working our asses off, we're doing it in 80+ degree temperatures inside our house.

Nothing we can't do without our pal, Tony. Do your best, forget the rest.

Anyways, back to AC issue. We've been having issues cooling our house ever since we moved in. After our homeowner's warranty company sent out an AC guy, he told us we needed some re-working of our ducts. OK, cool? No, not for me. Because I'm obsessive, I think everyone is out to take advantage of us because we're young and don't know better, so I have to research everything. Google is my best friend and worst enemy.

After an hour of Googling, I've learned that we need to have a specialist come out and perform a "Manual J" on the system. Um excuse me, you want to do what to my AC unit? Is there a website trying to trick me into calling a business to ask for a "Manual J"? (If you're like me, you automatically wanted to go to to learn what that really means.) But either way, we're hoping to have a resolution on the AC unit (one that doesn't involve buying a new unit for five grand) very soon.

In the meantime, hope everyone is having a great (much cooler than me) week!


  1. Aw, what happened to you was sad. I hope you’ve gotten over your AC problems by now. I was just wondering, though, didn't you contact directly the manufacturer of your AC to ask if they can do something about it?

    Wiley Rydberg

  2. During hot weather, you can't help but sing songs like Nelly's “Hot in Here”. Hehe! I know how it feels to stay at home while the temperature is really high, but you can't use your AC unit because it's broken. It's indeed tough on your part. The next time you encounter a problem with your AC, you should ask an expert to inspect it, so he'll be able to give an immediate action to it.

    Darryl Iorio

  3. I think the problem was really centered on the ducts. There are some instances that the cooling system would stop working when the ducts are blocked, either by dirt or other foreign objects inside, which forces it to have a very low output, or not work at all. Anyway, how are things going now?

    Tommy Hopkins @ AccuTemp