Thursday, August 2, 2012

Living Room Refresh: Phase 1

How many times have I mentioned that I can't wait to make a few updates to my living room? Um, several. My hubby would argue more than "several." But here I am... Ready to get my hands on her. Her = my living room. So I've outlined a game plan that I feel is doable in four easy-to-follow steps. But for now, let's just start with step one!

Step #1: Rug to pull the room together
I already talked about my favorite rugs, but I finally pulled the trigger. Well, like, a month ago.
It was on back-order, but I waited very patiently and today, it finally arrived!

I originally found this fancy-schmancy rug that I was going to buy for my living room, but it was going to cost around $450-500. Then, RugsUSA had their 4th of July sale and I just couldn't turn it down. This 5x7 rug cost me $115 total. Crazy!

If you're wondering if it looks/feels cheap, I would say... ummmmm, not really. The hubby thinks it's perfectly fine, but we actually have a pretty nice rug in our bedroom, and it's definitely not quite as high quality, but honestly, it looks good. So I'm happy with it.

I feel like it automatically makes the living room feel more pulled together, but let's face it - this room needs some help.

The other three steps in this room re-do? Oh, I'll get to that another day...

Happy Thursday!

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