Thursday, August 9, 2012

Craigslist Creeping. Again.

So I always see all these bloggers I follow posting about their fantastic Craigslist finds, yet all I find on Craigslist are creepers. Now, I admit I don't do a ton of Craigslist shopping, but I have sold a couple of items.

So about a month back, we felt the need to get rid of a few random items that we just don't use anymore. The first item is an old TV - got rid of that one, no issue. The second item is a weight bench. Ahhh, the weight bench. I remember when the hubby brought that one home a few months after we moved into the house. Well, that was fun while it lasted, but he hasn't used it in forever (read: maybe 4 times ever) so it got the boot.

So I got an email from this gem of a guy:

Yes, his email is KillingIsFunny at hotmail dot com. Um, really dude? Do you think I'm going to let you buy my weight bench, potentially murder me and help bulk up your muscles so you can go kill a bunch of other people?

The irony is also not lost upon me that I blurred out his name in the above email to protect his identity. Crazy effing dude.

Well, maybe better luck next time on Craigslist?!


  1. The first clue being he was using a hotmail.

  2. You left his phone number though! :)

  3. Evan, hahaha, well played.

    @Michele, Eep! You're so right, just updated it with blurred phone number. Although... maybe we should all call him and ask him why's he's such a creeper?! ;-)