Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Beach Bag Must-Haves

In the midst of a crazy work week  month  three-months, I've hardly had time to think about all the fun coming up this month. We have a super-fun weekend ahead as my sweet brother-in-law is getting married in Tulsa. We're so pumped for all the wedding fun and of course, we're excited to gain a new sister!

And in exactly one week, Greg and I will be on vacay in Key West, which we've been thinking about/planning/waiting for since December! In preparation for our upcoming beach vacay, I thought I'd share some of my favorite items I keep in my beach/pool bag.

1.  Obsessed with this beach bag
2. Extra-long beach towel
3. Coppertone Faces Sunscreen
4. Sunglasses (these seem to give minimal tan lines on the face)
5. Beach Towel Clips (they keep your towel attached to your lounge chair without slipping)
6. Fresh Sugar Lipcare (Mine was a Birchbox treat!)
7. Cute Coverup
8. Mindless Reading Material

Any other beach bag must-haves? Has anyone ever used these chair clips? Ah-mazing!

Happy Summer!

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