Sunday, April 15, 2012

Crafty Bitch: Birchbox Edition

It's no secret that I love Birchbox. For those who haven't heard of Birchbox, it's a monthly service where you receive handpicked samples (or sometimes even full-size) of high-end/premium beauty items to your door. Like a magazine subscription, but BETTER. After a few months of receiving goodies, I started to get a stack of the boxes. The, ahem, Birchboxes. And I was looking at them one night and thinking that they are the perfect size for a gift box. Besides the logo in the middle - it would need to be covered up. So I started playing around with it to see how I could re-purpose it into a gift box.

First, I took some wrapping paper and cut it in a strip (probably 1.5 x 8 inches). Then I took some clear packaging tape and attached it to the paper, with just a smidge of tape hanging over on each side. I then placed the strip right down the middle of the Birchbox and attached on the inside.

Perfect size for a cute baby onesie and a gift card.
The second go-round, I actually bought some patterned duck tape. Mine was a bright chevron pattern that I picked up for about $3-4 but I've seen leopard and tons of other prints. Simply place tape around the center of the box - I added some ribbon for extra decor and voila!
Perfect for an Etsy handmade gift for a wedding shower.

But the options are endless - you could add fabric or even this adorable metallic tape that I came across on Pinterest.

So for all of those peeps getting their monthly Birchboxes, don't throw away the box. Re-purpose it!

Happy Crafting!

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